The Jersey line has been developed as the Jersey is a more heat tolerant base than the Holstein. The Jersey bloodline feeds the Hojo and NZ Cross Breed lines, adding significant hybrid vigour.

Further development of the Jersey line has utilized several more NZ herds to provide the genetic platform, and has created more options for farmers. Some of the bull team has reduced residual Senepol for more moderate climates, other options have increased US Jersey for the liquid milk markets, and increasing the NZ genetic influence for heat stressed free range pasture-based systems.

Bull Code 520710
Composition J11 F3 S2
A2A2 A1A2
FAT 6.2
Protein 4.6
Best Dam Lact 7,152
Best MG Dam Lact 4,221
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Bull Code 520708
Composition J10 F3 S3
A2A2 A1A2
FAT 5.3
Protein 4.2
Best Dam Lact 5,478
Best MG Dam Lact 4,399
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Bull Code 319727
Composition J14 S2
A2A2 A2A2
FAT 5.8
Protein 4.4
Best Dam Lact 3,705
Best MG Dam Lact 4,067
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Bull Code 319751
Composition J14 S2
A2A2 A2A2
Protein 4.5
Best Dam Lact 4,529
Best MG Dam Lact 4,895
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F = NZ Fresian (pasture selection) H = Holstein (Free stall barn system) J = NZ Jersey S = Senepol